I was on a run this afternoon when I discovered this beauty blooming on a tree:


I picked it & pinned it in my hair.

In addition to being pretty, it made me wonder, “how many?” To explain… I recently discovered a great math blog called Taking Math with Kids, by Christopher Danielson. In one of Danielson’s latest posts, he describes a new children’s book he wrote called How Many?:

The premise is simple. Every page asks How Many? but doesn’t specify what to count. Each image has many possibilities.

An example. How many?


Maybe you say two. Two shoes. Or one because there is one pair of shoes, or one shoebox. Maybe you count shoelaces or aglets or eyelets (2, 4, and 20, respectively). The longer you linger, the more possibilities you’ll see.

So going back to the flower: how many blossoms? How many petals? How many times does the stem pattern repeat itself? (yeeeeee fractals!)

How many?
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